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Novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV) nucleic acid detection kit (PCR fluorescence probe method)
Product Introduction
Based on the newly released gene sequence information of novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV), this test kit has designed a double target gene for its specific gene sequence, designed a double target gene for its specific gene sequence, and added internal standa
Intended Use
This test kit is used for in vitro qualitative detection of 0ORF1ab, N gene and E gene of novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV) in throat swabs, sputum, and alveolar lavage fluid samples of patients with suspected pneumonia, suspected aggregation cases, and other people who need to make diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection or differential diagnosis.
Product advantages
Using the latest core technology RNA one-step technology platform to quickly and accurately provide detection results
Multiple fluorescent PCR technology is used to simultaneously detect two independent genes of novel coronavirus with single tube and double detection, eliminating the risk of missing detection due to virus variation
Non specific interference from SARS2003 and BatSARS-like virus strains can be excluded, accurately targeting the 2019 nCoV virus
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